Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Sandy Hook Massacre

Why isn't anyone talking about the fact that the United States (And that's us, because even though you may be a pacifist living in the US, you are paying your taxes) is bombing civilians in Pakistan, violently interfering in other countries' political processes, assassinating the leaders of factions it disagrees with. Why are we blaming the Sandy Hook shooting on Violent Video Games, and Television shows? The Violence of our Foreign Policy filters down to those Violent Video Games, and TV shows, and movies. These Violent Games, etc, are a reflection of the US Foreign Policy. Yes, we must outlaw military-style weapons! Even here, we see a copycat of military weapons. That is really their draw on the public. They do not cause violence. They reflect it. And this violence is reflected in the plays I am coming across.  It also has sparked a spate of plays concerned with despair, with death, with the uselessness of life, that I see on the other side of a general view that oil, gas and gold, and the violence needed to obtain it, supersedes health and the joy of good fellowship.

We must do background checks on all people who wish to buy guns. But again, although these things will certainly help, the basic attitude of the United States is that we are armed way more than any other nation. And we threaten to use these arms (Military weapons) to murder if necessary, in order to control the rest of the world. We have murdered most of our own modern leaders (Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy) and certainly have tried to murder those leaders of other countries (Lamumba, Bin Laden, Castro, etc).

How can we possibly downgrade the use of military-type weapons in our psyches, when our Army is out there, bullying and murdering people in other countries. So all we can do now, is to "control" our murderous instincts. But as long as our Nation's Foreign Policy is what it is, we will not be able to truthfully make the general public's view of guns (and certainly seeing automatic, military style weapons) as a form of power and glory. No, it is not power and glory that is found in possessing these weapons. It is dumbness, sickness and stupidity. But, then again, so is our Foreign Policy. After all, isn't that what we are screaming all the time! Kill 'em! Destroy 'em! Annihilate 'em! Someone said (when it was suggested that we have armed guards in our schools), "is this what we want? For America to become an Armed Camp?!" Well, guess what! That is indeed what we are! An Armed Camp! Ban Assault Weapons Now! Ban Assault Weapons Now! But also, stop Drone Attacks on Civilians! We have enough Atomic Bombs to destroy the planet. We are, indeed, the paranoid bully, terrorist, and freaking madman to the rest of the world. And indeed, this must change!

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